Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Return to the PM

It was my Dad's birthday and I was headed to beautiful Pere Marquette in Michigan. I hadn't been here for a while and stopped in the PM lodge

. My friend Greg Potter from Marshall had tied me a box of beautiful streamers and eggs but I also picked a bunch of xtra small egg patterns at the lodge.My first stop was the upper section by James Rd. After no action I called my friend Chris who has a house on the river and he said to come by and fish near his place. There were plenty of browns but they were spooky and he suggested I walk to another section. I worked a run with no one else around and tied into a beautiful brown. Then hooked a nice salmon but a second salmon took the other egg and now I was fighting 30 lbs of fish on 4x. Back at my friends we had a great evening wade in the rain and saw a giant barn owl. After a few sips of Vodka and cold beers we called it a day and then the rain kicked in and never stopped!! 

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