Monday, June 20, 2022

Michigan Rules

 When you spend years chasing fish all over It's nice to get it done in your home territory.So far this year I've had some luck with Steelhead, Great Pike and Smallie action and lost a Giant Muskie on the Fly!!! It all came together  at night with the Hex to top it all off. Enjoy the photos and adventure and will see you soon the River or Stage!!! Speaking of the stage I spent a recent evening with Michigan Blues Legend" Larry Mccray"and Blues Star "Tab Benoit"( Both great


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trout,Governor's and Gigs

 It seems like all my travel plans have been focused on the Big Sky Country. Sometimes what I took for granted is now what is best.On my second trip out to Montana this year I had some of the best experiences as of yet.From fishing with Jon Stiehl ( Owner of the Trout Hunter Lodge) to having The former Governor ( Brian Schweizer attending my show in Ovando @ Trixies ) and running into a fellow musician ( Calumet Steve) from Michigan at Rainey Lake Campgrpund  it was a tour filled with surprises.There were great times staying with Scott Kelly( Owner if the Gravel Bar) in Virginia City to catching big Cuthroat in Henry's Lake and fishing with Eric Sommers on the Missouri. Basing myself in Wolf Creek for a bit with Pat and Pickles set the trip in motion. A snow packed Hgwy 287 in Reynolds Pass added some excitement and of course Phillipsburg Brewery was awesome as usual. By the time I arrived in

    Missouri River

  Eric Sommers

 Darby @ Trout Hunter
 Henry's  Lake
Governor Scwheizer
Calumet Steve

Whitefish I was getting a little beat up but quickly recovered the next morning being the first through the entrance at Glacier. Thanks to Harbor Grill in Lakeside for my best show and dinner of the tour and a farewell until 2022.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Return to The Treasure State

 A famous writer once said if you can't beat them join them.It seems everyone has descended recently on my favorite place.The good is the club's are packed , the bad is the rivers were packed.Add to that extreme heat waves and fires and disaster was looming at any minute.Also a Bear Attack outside a new venue for me in Ovando ,(Trixie's, ) and it was sure to be an action packed tour. There are great Lakes with excellent Damsel hatches and they were fishing well especially at night. The Flathead also had plenty of great cold water and few people.There are great Brook Trout (not native but still beautiful)and native Cutthroat up North.You still can't beat the local people and I was lucky enough to spend time with Todd Tanner who is a world renowned journalist.His wife Molly set up a tent for me on their property in the Flathead Valley after my concert and when they went to sleep I promptly moved into my car for a safe nights rest.Besides the scenery mostly being obscured from the smoke and the cascade of out of state license plates and Rv traffic jams it was still great to be back , 


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Nothing like a Dark Night in Northern, Mi.

 I will say this with conviction.There is no feeling like fishing alone on a river in Michigan on a pitch black night.You are at the mercy of the   river and what it brings after the sun sets. My friend advised me  that I need to be at a certain place on this night in June .In fact he ordered me under the strictest confidentiality with extreme penalties for breaking the sacred oath of trout angling. Alone I was on a perfect moonless night with tons of bugs and no people for 2 hours until a noisy raft showed up and then I promptly left. I pretended not to speak English as well.It was a perfect night with the best fish coming at the end.I never actually measure anything but it was  20 inches in my book!!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Smallmouth Heaven

 Well the first post of the year is going to focus on a more Urban environment.After years of Isolating in Bear country I was happy to be in Grand Rapids for some spring fishing and great Thai food. With a 4 weight and 1 black wooly bugger I managed to land almost a dozen small mouth and my first Pike on a fly. Luckily some local fisherman obliged with photos for yours truly!!!!


Friday, December 25, 2020

Baldwin Steelhead and Blues

Jared , Frank and Chris
Griff and Keith
breakfast at green
A great way to end a year fishing was to spend three great nights @ Green Cottage in Baldwin , MI. I was heading up a night early to play @ the Pm lodge and was offered an opportunity to stay at the famous rental courtesy of my friend and fishing partner Griff.I made it to Hausmans on Friday the 13th (my lucky day) to pick up supplies before heading over to the cottage. It is an incredible place set on the banks of the Pere Marquette right next to the boat launch.I found the heat and sat down to my favorite fried chicken dinner.After a great sleep I was up early making breakfast and coffee when Frank from the lodge banged on the window and said hello.He was launching his stealthcraft for his day float with clients.I sat on the deck and was witness to a steelhead being landed by guide Jeff Cole and his client across from the cottage.Well I had a good feeling about the day and Griff soon picked me up to take me on a float downriver.We launched at Soolak and Griff hooked a fish on the second cast.We took a break and I pulled out the guitar for some riverside blues.It was then on to the rest of the float and I hooked up on a beautiful fish.Griff landed the beautiful steelhead for me and we were greeted by my three friends Jarod , Chris and Frank.They were on an afternoon float and offered us a cold beer and a few tastes of bourbon. They had watched the whole battle.We continued on to the launch and I Headed back to the cottage for a hot shower . Well I Headed over to the lodge to jam a bit and then back to the cottage for a great peaceful night looking at the reflection of the river through my living room window .The next morning it was pouring rain and again I watched someone land a fish outside the cottage.The gentleman turned out to be a great fisherman named Jim Bos who happened to know a lot of my friends in Terrace, Bc. He offered me some orange yarn flies he was using and I rigged up and started fishing.I ended up hooking six fish and landing one beauty only because Griff showed up and helped me snake the rod through a downed tree.Another great night at the cottage and a quick wade in the Am before heading home wrapping up an incredible weekend on the PM.