Friday, August 19, 2022

Alaskan Dreams Come True 2022

 I was touring in Alaska for the second time but this was going to be an encompassing journey covering the South East and Canada. It was the old Planes,Ferries and Automobiles to make the journey interesting to say the least. I had my guitar in tow and my 2 Helios Orvis favorites. The travel schedule did not allow for fishing until a few shows were in the bag.I started at the Chilkahoot River in Haines to a big zero landed .( The Sockeye were late and the Bears were as well  ).There was an attempt at Grayling and Lake Trout in The Yukon that failed and then finally a Dolly in Skagway from Pullen Pond.I am not complaining! The scenery,food and people were fantastic .It was not until I contacted Mike at Alaskan Fly Fishing goods in Juneau for a hot tip that I had success and it was a welcome relief.I did not want to have to explain to the Fishing community that I went to Alaska and was skunked. It is true that you still have to work for success at least in my case!! Tight Lines and as we say on our overfished Trout Streams  Tighter

Lips !! Keith 

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