Monday, April 15, 2024

Down Under Round Two


 lee and George
Heading back to Australia for a second time was another dream come true to say the least! I was heading  for a tour of South Australia to perform at some new Venues and see some old friends. I left Chicago on March 11th and went to check in only to find out I didn't have my ETA ready. ( Electronic Transfer Authorization) Luckily a travel agent worked with me and we got it taken care of just in time.The first flight was a jam packed 757 to LAX.I got off the plane and took a pass on a $26 Hamburger and boarded the flight to Melbourne and waited for a mechanical problem to be fixed. It was exciting to find out a woman Captain was flying us over.Thats a big 787 Dreamliner  and she took good care of us. The only thing is when She said flight attendants please check it was  a little unnerving. We landed in Melbourne, made it through customs and was soon  on a Quantas flight to Aedelade. My friends Dean and David were waiting for me at the gate. They still let you inside the Airport there.Our first stop was at the house of the  the great Australian blues guitarist " Chris Finnen" to pick up some gear that I would be using.Chris was on the way to Tasmania but would be joining me on his return. I was greeted at the door by Queenie ,a wonderful Dauschund  that I had met before. I was really beat and we headed back to Dean's in Victor Harbor and I slept for 15 hours. My first show was at the Semaphore Workingmans club with the Harmonica Player Bobby Blues and Guitarist Stuart Knowles.Greg Naulty is the manager and was excited to have me back.We had a great night and I headed back to Bobby Blues in beautiful Walkerville( A suburb of Aedelade).The next day I was treated to a fishing expedition on the Indian Ocean with Bobby.We caught a variety of local fish and had a feast later that night. Dean was playing at Finn Mcool's in Norwood for St.Patricks day and I was the special guest. The place was mobbed and Dean covered all the great Irish standards.We headed back to Victor Harbor to enjoy the area for a few days before my next run of shows.I spent a whole day fishing with my new mate Guitar George and we had a blast on the pierhead having lunch, drinking and hooking massive stingrays and mullet. It was back
Chris Finnen


to Memphis Slims in Aedelade  the next day for a jam packed show.The club is in the basement and is one of the top venues. We had the total blues experience  including dancing Australian  blues women.Well a great Harp player" Mark Snoady" came by and we all headed back to Bobby's for a late nightcap.Those Aussies can live it up. Next up was the famous Gov Room for another great show with an amazing young guitarist   named Tyler.He is the Derrick Trucks of Australia. The next day was a venture to Bobby's Beach house in Aldinga.Some people have quite the life.His wife Trish was there and put out a great deli tray and drinks.Bobby took me on a Kangaroo hike and pointed out all the local birdlife.Not only is he a great Harmonica player but a wildlife enthusiast as well.We went to the Big Easy Radio club with some great friends and put on an unannounced concert. Well the next day I joined Dean at the Farmers Market in Victor Harbor with Dean for a fun outdoor show.We were promoting  the big final show at the Grovernors Hotel in Victor.The Grovernor Hotel is a legendary Venue and Rick and Louis are excellent hosts. This day  was the return of Chris Finnen along with Geoff Miller on Bass and John Steven's on Drums. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a near sell out crowd.With Rocky on sound the show went off as smooth as can be and Dean,and his wife Linda and I enjoyed drinks and 6 orders of fresh oysters courtesy of Rick and Louis.Well the next morning I went on a reel Australian fishing adventure to the Mouth of the Murray River with my friend George and Lee who provided the four wheel vehicle. It's 10 kilometers up the beach in Goolwa with deep sand and gutters that we went flying over in the dark.We arrived at the mouth and pitched out chunks of mullet on big surf rods in hopes of catching a Mullaway.George had the only bite with his rod making a beeline to the ocean.It was back at noon to meet up with Dean and Linda to take me to the Airport for a late night of sleeping  on a bench. I had a 6 am flight to Sydney and wanted to be on time. Sydney  Airport was a treat and my flight back to the states was cricky as they say Down Under,Until next time,Keith
Bobby and Mark

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