Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bears, Eagles, Steelhead and Brook Trout

This was an amazing journey of great airplane travel, good friends, wildlife and fishing!Arriving for the first time at Terrace Airport I headed over to Gil and Mandi Mckeans West Coast fishing lodge. It was the next day that I let a big"Steelhead Go" and Gil and I wrote a song about it!! Later on in the trip it was fishing with the legendary fishing guide and harmonica player  "Pierce Steelhead Clegg", He actually put me on a nice steelhead and Coho! Along  the way I found some beautiful Brook Trout as well with my friend Dakota!! Thanks to the great breweries for hosting me as well!!


  1. Love your music...thanks for coming to Smithers and sharing it with us! See you next year when the fish are back!